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right side of the penalty area

Le 21 February 2014, 01:55 dans Humeurs 0

right side of the penalty area went through a small angle shot burst Almunia crotch wicket. Full eight years later, the same is engraved Brazilian Alves scored a classic predecessors.The goal is to Alves in 27 games this  nike air max thea womens  season, scored the first three goals. Compared with 47 appearances and scored 1 goals last season, Alves state apparently has greatly improved. From a tactical point of view, Alves Barcelona is extremely important. In the locker room inside, Alves Barcelona also indispensable man. Alves is Neymar's best friend, to wear the 22nd commemoration Abidal move also demonstrates his charisma. But the current situation, is unlikely in Barcelona Alves has retired. Alves and Barca's contract will expire in the summer of 2015, and now not even be on both sides to renew negotiations over any exploratory contacts. Barca have 30-year-old did not want to stay long Alves Alves has repeatedly indicated that it wants to retire back to Brazil. The problem is that Barca Alves once in the summer to give up, then it is almost impossible to fill the lineup of vulnerability. Adriano assists capability inferior to Alves, Adriano and too many injuries. Montoya  Today, even he can not match the  Carvajal Lakers and Mavericks two teams are gathering bargaining chip, Carrefour players headed for Minnesota to start the chase. But so far, Minnesota areas away at the trade deadline for Carrefour, but it did not clear.Carrefour will become a free agent in 2015. Broad consensus Union believes Carrefour and his agent, Jeff - Schwartz hope in the future be able to join a larger market. Although in the previous interview, Eros has the Knicks and the Celtics were on the show better. But from an acquaintance Carrefour Bao Liu said, preferred the love of God will be the new owner of the Lakers, because California is his own hometown.It is reported that CBS name in mind Ken - Berg disclose, regardless of how the transaction form, Gasol will undoubtedly be a major bargaining chip Grand Army sent the Spaniards 19.3 million dollars in large contracts will expire in the summer. But analys



ts from rival executives has pointed out that if there is a team willing to receive additional Sister, they will want to lower prices in the summer to re-sign him. Rather than after the addition of Sao contract expires, the Lakers re-sign back low, change to this form of loan is under the house want to see.During the All-Star   nike air max 2014 cheap Game, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant in an interview, said he is confident about the future operation of Kupchak, he always believed that the library hired a short time to help the Lakers to reverse the situation of players.But a person familiar with the situation has said Timberwolves senior team at the trade deadline Chairman Sanders, and no willingness Carrefour away. Timberwolves still waiting for an opportunity to convince Carrefour change of heart, staying Minnesota. However, the Timberwolves record, has become one of the biggest obstacles.So far this season, Love averaged 25.8 points under H, 13.2 rebounds, shooting up 45.6 percent. But even Eros doing so well, Minnesota has always hovered at the gate of the playoffs. And after entering the league, Carrefour has never led the team into the playoffs, which is obviously he could not accept.Of course in addition to the Lakers, Bulls equally coveted Carrefour. In two consecutive summer chase after big to fail, Dallas still want to gamble. But now, the Mavericks aspects of specific operational plan has not yet been exposed. In Barcelona a 2-0 victory over Manchester City in the battle, Messi penalty plus red card manufacturing sparked some controversy. When Navas dribbling midfielder fell to the ground after physical contact with Busquets happened was, the referee Jho'nass - Foul Eriksson did not whistle. Iniesta sent the ball forward pass, in the restricted line Demichelis struck from behind Messi uprooting. Jho'nass - Eriksson penalty Demichelis to a red card in the campaign of CCTV commentary and Zhang Wei He focused


 on the way the controversial penalty.When Demichelis was whistled for a red card plus a penalty, He Wei and Zhang Lu first time immediately pointed out that the red card penalty without any problem, because at that time the Argentines Joe - Hart last defender before he Messi destroy a tactical foul pole ball opportunities. However, due to a temporary location see Demichelis fouls, two conservative pundits pointed out, first there is some doubt about the penalty.Lens was then switched to Navas Busquets hit of the moment, He Wei said the suspects foul ball, Zhang Lu agrees. Then Zhang Lu is also given on the tactical level view: "It was Kompany station front, Demichelis after Kompany reason for the former, because Navas ball.."At this slow motion finally explain clearly, when Demichelis tackles Messi still outside the area. Zhang Lu pointed out that "Messi is not offside, Demichelis out of position in defense," he thought at the time, and He Wei Demichelis tactical foul is an inevitable choice as a defender. On a penalty Zhang Lu gives his views clear-cut: "The referee mistakes at this time, this should be a free kick Celtics are coveted Jazz small forward Hayward, but does not consider in terms of jazz Transactions get Rondo, Jeff - Green's interest is not great signs that Boston now has to rocket  supra skytop uk   Asik lost interest.Hayward about to turn 24 years old, is a very promising prospect of potential shares. This season he was the chief scorer jazz field can contribute 16.3 points and 5.6 boards and five assists, plus 1.4 steals 0.7 blocks, hit rate of 40.2%, of which the first five figures are a career high.Last summer, the Jazz renewal of Favors, but the breakdown of contract negotiations with Hayward, who this summer will become a restricted free agent, then still others may sometimes lose the talented small forward. Because the negotiation process is not very pleasant until after the end of the season Hayward ma

Manchester City beat Chelsea

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 Manchester City beat Chelsea 2-0 promotion, Lescott's performance is remarkable, engineers battle against Barcelona in this critical point Demichelis, starts acting strangely, is entirely playing with fire. Pellegrini and mentoring Wife Demichelis, both teams have had cooperation in Malaga, sympathetic to each other, respected each other. Bu supra owen sale   t Chilean engineer should understand: do not avoid virtuous affinity cronyism are two different things, Demichelis, 33 years old, had not played for Bayern Munich during the yifudangguan, Wan Fu Mo open a defensive midfielder, he moved to Manchester City Since he either featuring a cameo midfielder or defender, performance can only be described as a knife with a nervous, so the type of players, how worthy Dayong Recent stir on the Web "Every team has a Demichelis' quite interesting: there are so a player, when I see his name appears in the list of the team when the big game, fans The mind will not help appearing nameless anxiety, because he is the team's short board and unrest, his whim might make our loved ones feel pain enemies quickly. Demichelis Manchester array may not be the weakest link, but his competitive level and stability can not match his teammates, wear handsome if more "Do Not Suspect" will be shooting itself in the foot ! Beijing on February 19, "Yahoo Sports" famous basketball expert Mark - Spears get cable reported that the rockets are actively peddling Asik, and point guard Jeremy Lin. Although many experts are convinced that the possibility of being sent away Jeremy Lin is not, but he is apparently not spend rhythm.Trade deadline only two days away, many teams the league significantly strengthened the pace of signings and trade, the Rockets are no exception. When interviewed before, Morey has hinted he will not have any action, but more people in the industry believe that he was just a smoke bomb.Since taking office Rockets general manager Daryl Morey every year participating players at the trade deadline deal, and even many of them are trading buzzer. Rockets red crown good momentum this year, currently ranked 3rd West, Morey 



apparently fighting force reinforcing the team will not miss a great opportunity. Straightforward point that the Rockets will certainly be traded within the past two days.The only question is what will rocket away Who  Meanwhile what will reinforce what position  For both questions, the industry's point of view is not uniform, it was said to upgrade the 1st place, it was considered the 4th position, but more people believe that the possibility of leaving the team Asik relatively larger.Earlier today, there have been media reports, the Rockets have 76 people and restart the transaction negotiations on trade Asik for consultations. Spears informant also confirmed that, indeed probably seen Asik abandoned rocket. In fact, as early as last December, 76 people had active competition over the Turks, but the asking price is too high to give up because Morey.As Jeremy Lin, the recent trade rumors about him little. With the recent hot nike air max tn uk   stable performance on the offensive end, Lin rocket rise in status, it is an indisputable fact. McHale coach from the use of his situation, Lin has gradually won the trust of coach. Even Harden have made it clear that Lin is very important for the team, but he will get better.But the problem is that Lin's salary next season up $ 15 million, rockets with such a high price to keep him off the bench, it is worthwhile  Moreover, the management team on the 1st rocket-bit configuration is not satisfied, it is an open secret, but they try to chase Rondo failed, there was no more adjustments to make it.Asik next season's salary is also $ 15 million, if the Rockets at the trade deadline to send him a smooth, leaving the team hopes that Jeremy Lin will greatly increase. Conversely, if Asik eventually left the team, and that there may reluctantly bid farewell Morey Lin, lest the team cap space next season, "warehouse explosion.""The rockets are very happy to bid farewell to Asik, while also actively touting Lin, but Morey these two quotes are very high." Spears said.As a right back, but make the other coach put two left-back to limit his assists. World



 football can do that, and also the only Alves. Dual left-back Jose Mourinho's tactical invention, he had a cameo in the Inter era let Eto'o left-back assists to suppress Alves, Mary also in the 10/11 season, the King's Cup final moments staring forward runs Alves and eventually paid the price red card. Pellegrini let Clichy and Kolarov this same episode, but still failed to block the sharp assists Barcelona magic wing. Alves stay healthy as long as he is still today the best attacking right back.Pellegrini double left-back tactics, is to suppress Alves assists, but the Brazilians still enjoy the right to fly forward at Barcelona. Alves forward runs right pass, the offensive means Barca quite important. In Alba campaign hardly assists circumstances, to help plug Alves Barcelona opened the stadium space. Alves frequently assists, two left-back also makes Manchester City have all been suppressed in his own half, the Blue Moon Army inadequate so basically void.After Kolarov end, Alves played a more casual, he even became Barcelona's most threatening attack points. In the 68th minute, Alves has single-handedly ran off the right side of the penalty area the ball opportunities. Face Joe - Hart, Alves small angle low shot into the far corner of the goal. England, the country has no alternative to this ball, but  nike air max tn trainers  nfortunately the ball struck the far post to fly the bottom line. Alves this time, unlike the right back, like a right winger.Before the end of the game, but also a guest Alves right wing and eventually helped Barcelona win. 90 minutes when Alves and Neymar had a two over two match, Barca on the 22nd collusion to Neymar right cross after forcibly wading Krishna, then the ball from Joe - Lower Hutt crotch back of the net nest. "World Sports Daily," that this ball is the 05/06 season, winning the Champions League final a replica of the ball, then right cross Belletti collusion to Larson, the 


o enriched the team's tactics

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training, but also enriched the team's tactics, but flawed in the spot command has been criticized. In addition, the team also decided to aid the style trend: Dolby organizations and non-defensive strengths are that he is a pure offensive player, the state is also not stable enough - playing crazy invincible, they feel bad pla supra owen trainers      mediocre. These are decisions of the "big sharks" is not yet a very stable super teams.Domineering and hard fill gasToday, the "big sharks" no shortage of luck, lack of a domineering and hard gas. If you make up these two "gas", winning the first round vest or suspense ridden.Domineering, teams should have a temperament. Two years ago, Beijing men's basketball team sprung to obtain the first-ever championship. In addition to the lineup hard enough, Beijing men's basketball team as well as a "dominate the country's heart." This year they did not share the gas, after another loss to the underdog. Championship has been the goal of the Guangdong team, the regular season, lost only three games so far, especially in the face lowly game, are fully guaranteed under the Guangdong team to win, this is domineering. Shanghai men's basketball team this season, can upset victory over teams in trouble, but often can not win the win the game, this is the team still lacks domineering performance.Hard gas is hard power. Three balls domestic competition, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin and other major cities are becoming comprehensive sports strength of the contest. Shanghai men's basketball scores, and the city should match the status of Shanghai, Shanghai, and strive to become a sports card. These years of stagnating, in addition to insufficient capital investment, but also because of the overall strength of the team poor tone. Beijing team has won the heart and soul of Marbury, Guangdong enduring rely on a number of local talent, the Shanghai team now also for "Liu Wei successor" to worry about.Of course, the Shanghai team needs to believe in themselves. Take the team "boss" Yao, the season is not only to increase investment in the club, National Chia



o Tung University also suspend their studies, must adhere to every game, the team affairs insisted myself. Investors can often determine the team's temperament temperament, if more domineering and hard gas, Shanghai men's basketball fans will probably surprise. Many league manager told ESPN name in mind Chad - Ford, may at the trade deadline, the Lakers Kobe Bryant array addition, all players have to be traded."Many managers told supra skytop sale   Crawford, in addition to Bryant, the Lakers are willing to discuss any player roster transactions." News source said.This season, in the case of Kobe Bryant injury, shorthanded lineup, the Lakers has been living in the lottery. Obviously, the team has set his sights on a more distant future. Before the message is displayed, the Grand Army has been active in the trading market inquiry, want to pass some of the operations to obtain a high pick in the draft, while allowing their payroll falls below the luxury tax line.The current lineup of the Lakers to a contract for next season and also toting only five players. Previously, the league salary famous expert Larry - Kuhn believes that in the absence of the occurrence of the transaction, to ensure the future of only three players left the team, they are Kobe Bryant, Thackeray and Marshall. Nash also toting a contract, but considering their poor health, he can continue playing next season is still unknown. Nick - Young's contract has a player option, but based on his performance this season, he probably will be the next to leave, to go to other teams to get a paycheck more favorable contract.In addition, the Lakers other player's contract to expire this summer will be, but look at the team's roster, with the transaction value of the chips, but not much, and Pau Gasol, Kaman and Jordan - Hill is One of the most likely three.In fact, the recent scandal about the Gasol deal or a lot. The sun for the introduction of



 the Spaniards, strengthening the team that is fighting force, has been quite interesting. But because the chips issue, Phoenix and the Lakers have failed to agree terms. Earlier today, reports from the "Charlotte Observer", said the Bobcats and Lakers also get in touch, but if they give up on the first round of the ballot question is also very tangled. The ESPN experts predicted Broussard pointed out the possibility of leaving Gasol Los Angeles at the trade deadline less than 50%.There are also some teams to Jordan - Hill quite interested, just yesterday, "Yahoo Sports" exposure preliminary negotiations Lakers and Nets details. Nets intentional injury exception exchange with sharp brother, but a huge luxury tax pressure, or will reach hinder this operation.Kaman had after joining the Lakers and disappointments, he also complained about the previous lack of opportunity to play in the team, but after entering in February, he averaged 18.3 points, 8.0 rebounds and 3.0 there assists and 1.7 blocks accounted for, it will increase the His trade value. Previously, from the "Akron Beacon" news that Knight had discussed matters relating to the transaction with the Lakers over Kaman, but now also the negotiations deadlocked. Referee Jho'nass - Eriksson extremely controversial penalty, making him the front page of a concern after the game characters. Manufacturing red card plus a penalty, and 12 yards to break the deadlock before Messi for Barcelona, actually unexpected snub by the media. But in fact, the purpose of the campaign was a milestone for Macy war. With the first two years of the shootout to break the Champions League knockout Messi crushednike air max 2014 uk    England plagued his 8-year curse.Manchester City's metal matrix, largely limiting Messi play. As long as the frontier closed area in Manchester Messi the ball, he always has before and after death than defensive players. In the vast majority of the time, Messi is caught in a "people's war in the ocean." Throughout the first half, Messi is only 31 minutes when a long-range restricted area arc is a bit of a threat. But just give fleas a 

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